“Wow! Anita Pearl is one of our favorite models to work with. She oozes sex appeal and is always willing to do whatever it takes. She tried the strangest looking dildo I’ve ever seen… but thoroughly enjoyed fucking herself.”

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Minty Fresh


“It was a cold winter day outside, but you would never know it from this photo shoot. We had a nice indoor heated pool for Alexa and Anita to fully enjoy themselves in. They brought their electric toothbrushes and rubbed each other off.”

Message in a Bottle


“If you were a genie, dont you wish you would live in this bottle that Anita uses to fuck herself with? We decided to just relax by the pool and let Anita do her thing that she does so well. She is HOT!”

Opulent Affection


“Imagine two hot european girls doing at it hard. This is how this photo shoot went. I looked over at the camera man and we both said “WoW!”. Anita and Alexa loved shooting with each other. We didnt have to do much for them to get going.”

Anita Pearl and Alexa


“Alexa and Anita decided to change things up during this photo shoot. Halfway through the shoot, ran out to the kitchen and grabbed a can of whipped cream. We all looked at each other and smiled.”