Anita Pearl – Mineral Water


Anita’s favorite drink is obviously mineral water, as she is not only drinking it, she is pouring it onto her fresh and beautiful body. Now I am thirsty, but the fridge is empty, so no water there… I must Anita to lend me some water, although the bottle is empty… I wonder how we can solve this “problem”…

Anita Pearl and Nikita


After a long game of tennis, Anita Pearl and Nikita went home, and decided, to continue playing tennis with each other’s body. It is a more exciting game than tennis, and at the end of this game, they both felt more exhausted than after playing tennis. Well, it is definitely more exciting for us too watching these two angels kissing each other than holding a sweaty racket.

Anita Pearl – time travel


Anita Pearl looks really great in these futuristic “clothes”. As if she is a secret agent from the future, but was caught by the federal agents. She even had a weapon of mass destruction on her, which was a shiny object made of glass, and had a shape of a dildo. After using her futuristic gun, the agents just had to let her go away…

The most beautiful painter


Anita is a wannabe house painter, and she may suck at painting, but I’m sure, many of you will hire her to paint the entire house, and even the garage! Now as I look around, I really think, my whole flat needs new colors, I just wasn’t sure about the painter… till now!