Anita & Regina & Bambi


Anita Pearl, Regina Ice, and Bambi… Three gorgeous girls on one set. If you are a foot fetish maniac (and who doesn’t like watching beautiful women’s feet), this set is made for you. I mean this set is made for us all, to enjoy.

Anita Pearl – Hot Legs & Feet


What would you say if Anita asked you to massage her feet? Would you say, you are not in the mood, or would you start kissing those beautiful feet? Would you eat those black silk socks if she asked to? Leave a comment, as I’d like to know!

Anita Pearl and Gladys Laroche


“The air gets very hot when one of these two chicks appear, so you can imagine the temperature in the room where they are now, both of them at the same time. Anita and Gladys, two hot babes will heat you up, make you have a fever! But they will take care of you as well… Their pussies and big tits are here, and won’t leave until they get that beloved patting and licking.”

Anita’s balls


Don’t be confused with the title, though things are do getting wilder and wilder every day, I think the day is soon, when… Till then check out Anita’s new pink balls; I’m sure you would all be friends with these balls… and the balls’ owner, of course!

Anita Pearl’s feet reloaded


Let’s just quote from the site: “That short skirt is very much favorable on Anita Pearl! It brings her legs out! And also her shoes, they don’t only match her cloth but fits her personality that we don’t care about at the moment! What we really want to see are her juicy toes and wrinkled soles! The way she walks on them gives you a shiver, every second her muscles on her legs bilge I think I reached everything I life I ever dreamed about!”
For the whole set, click on one of the picture, and enjoy!

Anita Pearl and Zafira


Anita Pearl bought a new car, and invited her good friend Zafira, to test it. Well, they didn’t have to test it, but they had time tom make this set, and I’m sure we all prefer watching these two angels here, than behind a steering wheel.

Anita meets Regina


Anita Pearl meets Regina Ice! Yes, hold your horses, these two supergirls are seen together for the very first time, and we all do hope, this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Anita and Cindy


Anita Pearl meets Cindy Hope! The world is about to explode, because these two angels are the two hottest slim porn stars ever! If I had to choose, with whom to be stranded on a desert island, I would have to think for two decades, and still wouldn’t be able to choose! Life is hard, eh?